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Thursday, October 15, 2015

G-ball Da Godfather And Harvey II Face - THE TWOHEADED MONSTER(2006) - chicago,il

1. Somethingz Gotta Be Done
2. Play Gamez
3. Why?- Feat. Priest of Qualo
4. Get That Doe
5. Blaze Wit Me
6. Problemz- Feat. Spiffy Winston
7. Bingo
8. Hold Me Back- Feat.Ke Ke and Yung Filty
9. Never Doubt Us
10. Stop Lying- Feat.Syde F/X of PsychoDrama and Color 1
11. Kickin It Off- Feat. First Lady and Lex
12. Playa Proof- Feat. Slug Nina Rossi
13. Stop Man- Feat. L.S.D. and Ant Dub
14. Start Throwin-(Remix)
15. 50 Feet

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