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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shorti Short Kut - Short Kut 2(2015) - Indianapolis, Indiana

1.Shorti Short Kut - Tha Return
2.Been Around the World 
3.Operation n.a.P. 
4.Doing 2 Much feat N8 Ball
6.U Can't See Me feat  Ves 
7.Hatin' my Clique 
8.Cash for Days (Cfd) feat Kaos
9.You Don't Own Me 
10.U-R feat Koppafield
11.Nasty feat Ms. Nikee
12.My Life feat Dub $Ak & Ms. Nikee
13.I of the Storm feat Ms. Nikee, Da Kamity & Jim E Mac 
14.Nap (feat. Cobb Corleone & K Shores) 
15.Ice Cold (feat. Mr. 4 Play) 
16.2 Nite 
17.Came in the Door (feat. Koppafield & Infamous)
18.Like This 
19.Raise Ya Brow (feat. Leon Broham) 
20.Piece O Mind 
21.Make Money (feat. the Sphinx Crew) 
22.Who's Real (feat. Boxx) 
23.Still Ridin'
24.Mission Fa Mo (feat. MC Brass) 
25.World Wide (feat. Mr. 4 Play) 

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