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Friday, November 24, 2017

Bulletongue Assassins (World Choppaz Part 1) Official Music Video+Track

to my fellow artists who made this project possible to others this may seem a simple collaboration 
but the time and process and schedules of everybody is not the same due to our different time zones 
but in due time we made it happened and to me this is another dream come true putting all of you in one track the best of the best in their own cities. This is just to open up the minds of the younger generation rappers that we could all go beyond the limits and always aim high and never settle for better always go for your best and top it up all over 
again. To all my assassins and also the supporters of this project since day one y'all are incredibly the greatest. It was just on my thoughts pulling an act like this but I know I did before so why not do it again and this time with such an amazing artists with over flowing with talents and ready to share to the world. To my homie Denial you are a 
very patient man my brother dealing with my day to day messages and follow ups and constant pressuring you but damn u did a good ass job mah man. And to Felipe Santos (aka badseed), no word my brother without you what will I do hahaha. 
Thank you for your support and connections we going global my bro. To my homies Rayne, ecleezy, Gho5t Uzzy and Icedee I really appreciate the effort time and patience my brothers.. Now we on to something big and the connections is already
made we can do alot of music and share it to the whole planet earth. 1 love to all and hope you guys like the video...


Mista Blaze’s talent has been recognized all over the world. As many of you already know, he is the acting president of Mo Thugs – Philippine Chapter. He has completed collaborations with several artists and worked with producers from the United States. What you may not know is that his music has reached supporters in other countries as well. It is this connection and ability to connect with other artists that led to his latest project: BULLETONGUE ASSASSINS – World Choppaz Part 1.
From conversations with his good friend named Felipe Santos who is based in Brazil, a concept was born. It was time to unite independent artists from the United States, Brazil, and Norway.
It was time to introduce the Philippine hip hop industry to the talent that can be found outside of this culture’s comfort zone. It was time to elevate the music.
Through his music and willingness to take risks, Mista Blaze wants to push his fans and followers in the Philippines to experience and appreciate music from artists around the world. Music is beyond geography, beyond religion, beyond culture. Music is a universal language in which he speaks and wants the local fan base to learn as well.



live performance DENIAL AND ECLEEZY

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