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Monday, April 30, 2018

Renizance (of Immortal Soldierz) - Reni Falcone (2018) - Fort Worth,TX

  1. Once Upon a Time
2. Chicken Bone
3. In the Sky (feat. Phaze)
4. Reign (feat. Blais, Luni Mofo & Lil G Tha Prophet)  
5. Throwed Individual (feat. M Dot)
6. Oj (feat. Luni Mofo)
7. The Old Me
8. The Hood Got a Hold of Me (feat. Silent Alonzo)
9. Slow Ya Roll (feat. Scotty Boy Homie)
10. On Loud (feat. Bandito)
11. I Got High and Wrote a Love Song
12. Michael Spears
13. Sunsets in South Padrerz 

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