Thursday, April 12, 2018

[REQUESTED] Syko - Sykotherapy (Deluxe Version) [2001] - Portland,OR

2.206 Ways feat. J-Dub
3.If I Had 2 feat. BD & Wanz
4.Intense Kombat
5.This World of Mine feat. Byrdie
6.Legal or Illegal
7.Written Testaments
8.I Just Wanna (F--k You) feat. Smoke, Byrdie & Wanz
9.Skilled Savage feat. J-Dub
11.Ain't Sh-t Changed feat. Brazy J & Byrdie
12.It Gets Greater Later feat. J-Dub
13.I'm Goin' Thru It
14.Fake Figurez feat. BD & Brazy J
15.Chozen feat. Byrdie
16.Words 2 Live By
17.End Game
18.I Does This (Bonus Track)
19.Intent 2 Kill (Bonus Track)
20.Glitch in the System (Bonus Track)

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