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Monday, August 6, 2018

Ether Q - Windy City Diary (2014,Chicago)

1. Top Down, Hands High (feat. Joslyn-Marie)
2. Chicago (Where I'm From)
3. Get Away
4. Left, Right (feat. Joslyn-Marie)
5. City Lights (feat. Joslyn-Marie)
6. Skateboard Trucks
7. Cassette & Speakers
8. City By the Lake (feat. Mz. Jae)
9. Windows Down (feat. Glc & Nexup)
10. Take a Shot   
11. If I Die (feat. Kidd tha Chicagoan)   
12. Heavy Rotation
13. Blue Skies (feat. L.D. & Joslyn-Marie)
14. Regular Days (feat. Add-2 & Mike Kozitka)
15. Back to Cali

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