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Friday, August 10, 2018

MR. LPD - Campaignin & Maintainin (2018)

1. Macktro (Vocals by Ms. Seductive)
2. Put Her In Da Mix
3. It's Showtime (feat. Fiend, Skinny Pimp w/ Vocals by Sche Eastwood)
4. Bitch You Stink (feat. Big Nik, Kool Rod)
5. My Way (feat. On Point w/ Vocals by Ms. Seductive)
6. If You Feel It Mane (feat. G-Mane)
7. Shake A Booty Girl
8. Feel Like The Mack (feat. Mook Ruski)
9. Get This Cheese (feat. Pimpin Ken, Mr. Sche w/ Vocals by Mr. Willie)
10. High Sex (feat. Tom Skeemask w/ Vocals by Sugarwell)
11. She Nut On My Dick (feat. 69K)
12. Gurl I C U (Vocals by Multiple)
13. Pimpalicious (feat. Mr. Sche w/ Vocals by Sche Eastwood)
14. New Money (feat. The Group Solo)
15. On Islands (feat. Binji)
16. Standing On My Pimpin (feat. Pimp Bo w/ Vocals by Sche Eastwood)
17. Got A Bankroll (feat. Mr. Kaila)
18. Dream Girl (Vocals by TK Soul)
19. Finesse the Game [Chopped Not Slopped by DJ Lil Steve] (feat. Colby King, Roc Da Don)

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