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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Beast Mode Division - Rise of the Fampires [2018]

Artist: Beast Mode Division
Album:Rise of the Fampires
Record Label:Fampire Muzik

1. Beast Mode (Intro)
2. Straight up Murder
3. Locked
4. The Rise of the Fampires
5. Halloween (feat. Twisted Insane)
6. Get the Fuck Outta My Face (feat. King Iso)
7. Inevitable (feat. C-Mob)
8. I Bang Jawns
9. Puff Puff Pass
10. See a Coffin
11. The Cliff (feat. Madchild & Dikulz)
12. The Real Beast Mode
13. Where Them Fampires Live
14. G14 Classified
15. Stand Up
16. Eyez See You
17. Severed
18. House Party
19. Ooohhh
20. Jawns Gettin' Murdered (feat. Jay Crazii & Jay Razzkull)

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